Sunday, August 4, 2013


Hey Everyone!

So if you don't know already, the trailer for Vlogumentary came out today! I was waiting ALL week for this!

If your not familiar with people who have become YouTube "famous" I highly suggest you check out a few of these gems...




 The SHAYTARD vlogs were the first vlogs I had ever watched. They are an amazing family of 6 and one more on the way.(seven including their great Dane Zeke) They put a video up on YouTube every single day! the videos are of them living their lives. The kids are Sontard, Princesstard, babytard and rocktard. the name "tard" was never meant to be offensive it actually came from shays  first YouTube video ever, where he was dancing around his living room in his wifes (collette) unitard.

you can check that out here:

So, after the unitard video was such a success they realised they could actually make a living doing YouTube videos and they decided to vlog every single day. I watched them move from Idaho to California and watched as their success grow. when you watch a family like the shaytards every day you feel like you personally know them! they have 1,396,384 million people who are subscribed to their YouTube channel who most likely feel the same way as well.

Vlogumentary is a movie that some of the biggest YouTube stars are part of.  the cool thing is the entire movie was funded by the viewers! through originally they aimed to raise 180,000 but ended up raising $201,989!!

As I mentioned earlier the Trailer premiered today and what their hoping for now is at least 100,000 "likes" on the video to hopefully grab the attention of a big movie production company. which is why I am writing all this on my blog! to spread the word! as I type this the trailer is currently at 46,623 "likes"

so, here it is..."like" it "Subscribe" and "thumbs it up"

I cant wait for the movie! way to go guys!


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Glossybox Canada - Gone to soon!

Nooo!! Glossybox Canada announced all glossybox Canada services would be suspended from may onwards! 

As you all know I've been a huge fan of glossybox since January when they released there first Canadian glossybox. Then I had the opportunity to work as an ambassador for glossy and spread the word. I'm defiantly bummed its come to an end. Maybe they will come back I mean the website does say "suspended"

Apparently they are in the process of refunding all customers. 

All good things must come to an end!

Ill miss ya glossybox!! 


My FAVE summer polish!

Ok so it's that time of year again....tans and bright nail polish!!!!

I took my fake nails off a few months ago and I've never looked back! I've learned to embrace my natural nails and its been FUN! I've been on a nail polish kick ever since I took those baby's off! 

So one thing I've noticed is CORAL is huge this season and it looks gorgeous with a tan! Another big one is still the ever so sweet "Tiffany blue" A new shade I've seen a lot lately is lavender! So so pretty! 

The only gripe I have with the pastel nail polishes is they can be hard to work with!  And you need at least 3 coats for it to look flawless. 

Here's some pics of the polishes I'm loving at the moment! 

Essie turquoise and Caicos 

Essie play date

Nicole by OPI Selena 


Sorry for the quality of the pictures! 



Sunday, March 3, 2013


Hi guys!

I just wanted to write a quick little note to say thank you to everyone who has read my blog or sent me positive emails! Over 1000 people have checked out my blog!

I started this as an outlet/hobby i had no idea so many people would read it!

I've made some fab new friends and contacts. Reading all your emails and messages tottaly make me smile!



Thursday, February 28, 2013

February GLOSSYBOX 2013

Happy Birthday Glossybox!

Woohoo! I was quite excited about this months Glossybox!!

As soon as i recieved it i quickly snapped a picture of the shipping box to show you guys and then ripped it open as per usual. The first thing i noticed was the colour of the box! Instead of the normal pale pink it was black and hot pink!!!! How cute!!

Now on to the goodies!!

1- Givenchy gloss in NO.3 coral frenzy

2- Essence quatro eyeshadow

3- Biore acne clearing scrub

4- Macadamia natural oil treatment

5- Rose and Jasmine body wash

6- Eucerin Hyal-Urea Anti wrinkle day and night cream

7- Crabtree and Evelyn hand therapy cream

8- Glossybox cupcake kit!!!!!!

This box was packed with 8 little suprises! Way to go glossybox! I was deffinatly impressed this month.

Below are pictures of how the box is shipped as well as all the products mentioned!

Use code Glossy56 for 10% off your first box!!!


Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Hi everyone!

Some of you may find it odd that I'm sharing my panty mail. But this is too good not to share!

As some of you know Recently I've become somewhat obsessed with certain monthly beauty subscriptions.

Well here's another monthly subscription but it's a little different! It's PANTIES!

The website is

They have a huge selection of undies plus they have a great size selection as well from teeny tiny to plus size. Pantybypost has three different lines. Signature,bridal and men!

You can order just one pair or you can subscribe to get panties sent to you every month.

The quality of the product is awsome i was actually really surprised. And they come in this cute little box delivered right to your door.

Such a great idea for bridesmaids gifts!

Now they do come with a price tag. It's $25 per pair / month so it's pricy for a pair of undies but like I said the quality is unreal.

The company is actually based out of Vancouver which I like. I say give it a try even just for one pair! It's a fun surprise to come home to! What girl doesn't love a cute pair of panties!


Tuesday, January 22, 2013


After a recent move back to my family home, I've found myself going through old pictures and boxes that contain the most meaningful and sentimental things.

I'm staying in my old bedroom, which has now been converted into a guest room. However,In my closet sit a few boxes which contain awards Ive won,costumes and pictures from plays and musicals I was part of and my favorite things of all my old dance shoes and costumes!

For the past few days every time I opened the closet I saw them and every time my mind instantly went back to all thoes years spent as a ballerina/dancer.

Today I had some time so I decided I would actually take them out and look through them. (Something I haven't done for years)

As I pulled out the costumes one by one I instantly remembered all the songs that went with each costume and which teacher taught the class. And then of course my very first ballet skirt.

I had all the costumes laid out on my bed and looked down into what I thought was an empty box and found my prized pointe shoes. ( as a ballerina for years all I wanted was to get my pointe shoes.)

And yes I tried them on laced them up and pointed my toes.

Going through my old special things gave me some perspective today. And I just thought I would share.

Thanks for reading!

And of course for your enjoyment..below are some pictures of my costumes..not all but some and my beloved pointe shoes.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Top 12 Beauty favorites of 2012

Happy new year!!

I contemplated doing this post/tag because of how difficult it was to narrow it down to my top 12 favorites of the year! I could go on for days about beauty products. Basically I thought about what I've used pretty much daily and went from there so here we go!

Moroccan oil light -
I have not gone a day without this amazing stuff since my stylist first used it on me. It makes my hair so manageable and soft plus the smell is just divine. It's pricy but deffinatly worth the buy. You only need a tiny little bit so one bottle should last you 6 months to a year. I do get the "light" due to my hair being so fine and I only put it through my ends from the bottom of my ears down while my hair is damp. Love this stuff!!! (I also use this on my feet and elbows)

Suave professionals dry shampoo -
Now the battle of the dry shampoos has been a big one for me this year. Im going to do a future post on all the different brands i have tried. but for this post im choosing the first one i ever bought and the one i reach most for. There are so many brands to choose from. The whole dry shampoo deal is new for me. I have always washed my hair everyday and the thought of a dry shampoo never appealed to me. I now realize why it's so popular.
Not only has not washing my hair every day helped it grow faster but it's so much thicker! The suave professionals line is on the newer side and honestly I love it! This bottle cost me just under $3 bucks and it smells great! Just spray it on massage scalp and your good to go. It ads some serious volume more so than other dry shampoos I've tried. It smells great! The smell is quite strong so I don't recommend it if your sensitive to that sort of thing.

So gorgeous volumizing detangler-
I found this beauty at Sally's beauty supplies. It cost me around $6 bucks and I've been smitten ever since. I use this on the days I wash my hair and spray it on while my hairs damp. It takes out any tangles adds volume and doesn't leave any sort of residue on your hair. I can't stand feeling like there's product in my hair. This stuff is super light and has a fresh scent.

St Ives fresh skin apricot scrub-
Ok so this one is a little controversial.
I've seen reviews where people say this product will ruin your skin and some people adore it. Well I've been using it for years and I have never had a problem. I use it every few days in the shower. It leaves my face feeling soft and super clean. It is on the rougher side of exfoliants so if your super sensitive I wouldnt recommend it. It has a great smell and gets the job done. It's around $4 at the drug store.

Maybelline Dream fresh BB cream -
Again another battle of the brands. I've tried a few over the past year and narrowed it down to 2. I don't wear foundation I find its way to heavy on my skin so a Beauty Balm is a nice light alternative. It's got 30 SPF and it blurs any imperfections without making my face feel greasy! I use a stippling brush to apply it. You could also use your fingers. Sometimes I will layer it for fuller coverage. It doesn't have a harsh smell and its under $10. It only comes in 3 shades from light to dark. I use the Light and I find it blends perfectly with my skin tone.

Wide tooth comb-
This has been a saving grace for my hair. The only time I use an actual brush is while blow drying. Using a wide tooth comb has majorly reduced breakage in my hair It's way easier to comb through after washing with this bad boy. This one is from Sally's and it was around $3.

OPI nail polish "in the spot light"-
This has been my go to polish every time I go for a Mani pedi I always bring this with me incase I can't pick a colour. It's the perfect ballet pink. It matches with everything and its just enough pink to make me feel girly but still on the neutral side.

Revlon Just bitten kissable balm stain-
This is something that I heard so much about but put off buying because of the "stain" word in the name. I'm not exactly sure why it's called a stain because its not like any other "lip stain" I've tried. This one is super moisturizing and while it does last on the lips it doesn't give you that dry stained look. And it doesn't bleed for feather. For the longest time these were sold out everywhere! My favorite shade is called "precious" and it's around the $8 mark at drug stores.

Revlon Lip Butter-
These little babies were hard to find earlier this year. They were constantly sold out everywhere and I deffinatly know why. It's not a lipstick but its not a lip balm. They add a touch of colour and there super moisturizing! They have so many colours to choose from and even the darkest shade shows up as a slight tint of colour. Perfect for everyday wear. They've come down in price and are around $8.

Avon Super drama mascara-
I have said for years that Avon mascara was the best. I have tried every drugstore mascara and always go back to good old Avon. I find Avon mascara doesn't dry out as fast and it's incredibly inexpensive. To be quite honest ANY of Avons mascaras are wonderful I just so happen to be using this one.

Soc bun-
The oh so popular soc bun. Now you can always just cut the toe off an actual soc and roll it up into a donut. however i find this gives my bun a bit more volume and doesn't show through my hair as much as an actual soc does. What an awesome invention and the soc bun is perfect for second or third day hair! This is from Sally's and was around $4

Super nail cuticle oil-
Cutical oils can be pricy and there always in the smallest little bottle. I found this at Sally's and its 8oz! It cost me under $4 which is fabulous and has lasted me forever since u only use a small amount on each nail. Cuticle oil makes such a difference and way better than any lotion I've ever tried!

Ok so there you have it! My top 12 of 2012! Pictures of all the products mentioned are below!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!!