Saturday, December 29, 2012


Hi everyone!
Well as you probably saw from one of my previous posts I LOVE GlossyBox! The concept of having a box of goodies delivered to your door monthly for around $20 bucks is fantastic. Especially for girls like me who love trying new products! A few months back I decided to apply to be a glossybox ambassador due to my new obsession with glossy. A few days later I received an email stating I had been chosen to promote glossybox and spread the word. I received my very own promo code! Which was exciting in its self! But today I received a package from glossybox full of goodies! Seriously this company is beyond generous and i was so surprised to receive a package of beauty stuff "just cause" so I thought I would share with you all! If you haven't tried glossybox I strongly suggest you do! Why not?? And glossy is always looking for new people to promote the company so if you love social media and love glossybox then defiantly apply! Here's a few pics of the goodies! And again if you haven't subscribed try it for a month and I'm pretty sure you will keep the subscription going! Use promo code GLOSSY56 for 10% off!

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