Tuesday, June 25, 2013

My FAVE summer polish!

Ok so it's that time of year again....tans and bright nail polish!!!!

I took my fake nails off a few months ago and I've never looked back! I've learned to embrace my natural nails and its been FUN! I've been on a nail polish kick ever since I took those baby's off! 

So one thing I've noticed is CORAL is huge this season and it looks gorgeous with a tan! Another big one is still the ever so sweet "Tiffany blue" A new shade I've seen a lot lately is lavender! So so pretty! 

The only gripe I have with the pastel nail polishes is they can be hard to work with!  And you need at least 3 coats for it to look flawless. 

Here's some pics of the polishes I'm loving at the moment! 

Essie turquoise and Caicos 

Essie play date

Nicole by OPI Selena 


Sorry for the quality of the pictures! 



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