Sunday, August 4, 2013


Hey Everyone!

So if you don't know already, the trailer for Vlogumentary came out today! I was waiting ALL week for this!

If your not familiar with people who have become YouTube "famous" I highly suggest you check out a few of these gems...




 The SHAYTARD vlogs were the first vlogs I had ever watched. They are an amazing family of 6 and one more on the way.(seven including their great Dane Zeke) They put a video up on YouTube every single day! the videos are of them living their lives. The kids are Sontard, Princesstard, babytard and rocktard. the name "tard" was never meant to be offensive it actually came from shays  first YouTube video ever, where he was dancing around his living room in his wifes (collette) unitard.

you can check that out here:

So, after the unitard video was such a success they realised they could actually make a living doing YouTube videos and they decided to vlog every single day. I watched them move from Idaho to California and watched as their success grow. when you watch a family like the shaytards every day you feel like you personally know them! they have 1,396,384 million people who are subscribed to their YouTube channel who most likely feel the same way as well.

Vlogumentary is a movie that some of the biggest YouTube stars are part of.  the cool thing is the entire movie was funded by the viewers! through originally they aimed to raise 180,000 but ended up raising $201,989!!

As I mentioned earlier the Trailer premiered today and what their hoping for now is at least 100,000 "likes" on the video to hopefully grab the attention of a big movie production company. which is why I am writing all this on my blog! to spread the word! as I type this the trailer is currently at 46,623 "likes"

so, here it is..."like" it "Subscribe" and "thumbs it up"

I cant wait for the movie! way to go guys!


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