Tuesday, January 22, 2013


After a recent move back to my family home, I've found myself going through old pictures and boxes that contain the most meaningful and sentimental things.

I'm staying in my old bedroom, which has now been converted into a guest room. However,In my closet sit a few boxes which contain awards Ive won,costumes and pictures from plays and musicals I was part of and my favorite things of all my old dance shoes and costumes!

For the past few days every time I opened the closet I saw them and every time my mind instantly went back to all thoes years spent as a ballerina/dancer.

Today I had some time so I decided I would actually take them out and look through them. (Something I haven't done for years)

As I pulled out the costumes one by one I instantly remembered all the songs that went with each costume and which teacher taught the class. And then of course my very first ballet skirt.

I had all the costumes laid out on my bed and looked down into what I thought was an empty box and found my prized pointe shoes. ( as a ballerina for years all I wanted was to get my pointe shoes.)

And yes I tried them on laced them up and pointed my toes.

Going through my old special things gave me some perspective today. And I just thought I would share.

Thanks for reading!

And of course for your enjoyment..below are some pictures of my costumes..not all but some and my beloved pointe shoes.

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