Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Hi everyone!

Some of you may find it odd that I'm sharing my panty mail. But this is too good not to share!

As some of you know Recently I've become somewhat obsessed with certain monthly beauty subscriptions.

Well here's another monthly subscription but it's a little different! It's PANTIES!

The website is www.pantybypost.com

They have a huge selection of undies plus they have a great size selection as well from teeny tiny to plus size. Pantybypost has three different lines. Signature,bridal and men!

You can order just one pair or you can subscribe to get panties sent to you every month.

The quality of the product is awsome i was actually really surprised. And they come in this cute little box delivered right to your door.

Such a great idea for bridesmaids gifts!

Now they do come with a price tag. It's $25 per pair / month so it's pricy for a pair of undies but like I said the quality is unreal.

The company is actually based out of Vancouver which I like. I say give it a try even just for one pair! It's a fun surprise to come home to! What girl doesn't love a cute pair of panties!


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